Canada-based DMG Blockchain Solutions has launched the installation of an 85-megawatt substation for crypto mining expansion, according to an official statement July 26

The DMG crypto mining operation will be implemented on an industrial scale with … #crypto

Research into the top ten crypto deals in 2017 based on their investment returns (ROI) has revealed that on average each returned over 136,000 percent, according to data shared with Cointelegraph by Crypto Finance Conference (CFC) analysts July 27


The recent uproar from the crypto community against California Congressman Brad Sherman, who has a long and documented history of abrasively arguing that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are scams, Ponzi schemes, money laundering tools and the ..


As was noted in a prior interview, Wernick began to acquire Bitcoin in 2009, when it was in the price range of just a few cents, and has since expanded his outlook onto altcoins and other blockchain-backed projects

The American investor currently sits …and more » #bitcoin